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This is Feedback from our customers that have bred to one of ours Friesian stallions or have a foal by one of our Friesian stallions



So I just had to share this with you.  I've been following your page and drooling over your foals for quite some time now.  Don't have room for a foal at the moment so we recently bought a Friesian TB cross gelding. He is the most amazing horse, awesome temperament, gorgeous movement. We lucked out so much with him.  I finally sat down to go through his pedigree today and just about fell out of my chair when I found out he was Raven's son!  No wonder he's so awesome!


Good afternoon, Skyfire (formerly known as Rhiannon) is about to turn 5 in just a couple months I wanted to send an update.  Both Evan and Jewel produced one of the finest mares I've ever seen, ridden, trained and owned. She is an alpha mare through and through but she has a supreme work ethic and a drive to beat everyone in her path.  While she is too young in my opinion to jump under saddle too much, we have started giving her more of a challenge in free jumping. She loves and I mean loves jumping. She has scope for days. Everyone in my stables wants her and everyone wishes they could ride her (I don't let anyone ride her but me). She is my heart horse and the best purchase I have ever made.  She has her first show in Oct. I have attached below some of the newest photos of her jumping. She is now sitting at 16.3 and growing still.

Rebecca Bender


Thank you for letting me/us disrupt your day. And letting us meet your horses. It was a pleasure meeting you.  You should be so proud of what your producing. Beautiful horses and a nice well run barn. Teena


Hi Judy, this is Marie from this morning, if that's ok with you, I'd like to be on the list for Lola's baby next year, husband approved this plan. Thank you again for your time today I sure enjoyed meeting  you! Will say hi if I see you at Sand Ridge or Jubilee with my Arabs.



  A Million Thanks!!
Hi Judy. I can't thank you enough for these gorgeous girls. You really have something special going and hope you feel proud knowing you are helping make dreams come true.
Thought you might appreciate these photos. The whole day couldn't have gone better.                            
Peace, Michael (Michael bought Envy and Darla both by Evan out of Indy and Oksana)

Judy..... Tryn is absolutely amazing!!
Out of my three horses, my five month old Filly is the best behaved! We went on another long walk through an open field and around her new barn to explore yesterday, she was a delight to handle. I have received several compliments on her good behavior. She comes when I call her from across the pasture and leads right into the barn. She is also a very smart girl! By the second evening she was waiting by the feed buckets (an hour early lol) but she had the routine down and was watching for the "feed truck" 
I am filled with anticipation with what is to come with this girl. 
She is eating well, and looks great!
Such a sweet and friendly baby. 
Great job!!
Amanda Malek


 I just wanted to share at how amazing my lil boy is! He followed me over all obstacles, some things like the tarp, he investigated first, but no refusals, some without even the slightest hesitation. Makes me feel good that I have gained his trust. We went over water, giant pvc pipes, tarp etc. We lunged for the first time. At first, lunging was confusing for him, because he wanted to keep following me & coming toward me. We kept it at the walk and he got the idea going to the left quickly. To the right, it took a few more tries, but that is normal for them to have their favorite side. He learns so quickly. It took only two sessions to get over his fear of fly spray. He lets me lift & clean his feet. Like I have told you before, I have brushed & bathed him all over and he does not have any "do not touch me spots". He backs up. He practically puts his head in the halter. He ties. He cross-ties. He is well behaved on the wheel. He stands still for the Parelli friendly game. He is not afraid of dogs or four wheelers. The barn owner is amazed how well he leads back & forth from stall to pasture to stall. When I had first approached her about whether she boarded foals, her response was, "They are cute, but can be pains in the ...." . Well, she only speaks about how well behaved he is. : )
Looooooooooove him so much! ~Lisa


Such a good boy!!! Before, I would hold the lead as I bathed him. This is his "first-tied" bath. He was a perfect gentleman as I soaked him up, picked his feet, and conditioned his tail. He does not have ANY "do not touch me" spots! Valiant & Lily must have amazing dispositions!!!!

Here's our Raven at Western Hearts Ranch (sire: Raven Senior... dam: Jasmine/American Saddlebred) He's 7 years old now and is a wonderful horse! His temperament is perfect and he's such a sweet animal! We love him so much. Thank you, Raven Senior!

HI Judy, Zulu came right out of the trailer without any problems. He got to stretch his legs in a large shaded roundpen all afternoon. He let me brush him all over. He drank plenty of water & some hay. He let me catch him & place the halter back on him without any problems. He led easily to his stall. He ate his feed. He was given electrolytes. I just went down to check on him (I snuck up on him) and saw him laying down and sleeping. So relieved that he felt calm enough to get some rest.

He is soooooooooo GORGEOUS!!!!!  Thanks so much Lisa

Hi Judy, Just wanted to send these pictures of Carbon we took last Sunday. We are impressed, at just 1 year old he is very tall and strong.


(This colt is out of Eliza by Raven born 2013)

Hi Judy,  I acquired “Mac the Knyfe” July 1, 2012 as a 2 year old.  The barn where I board and train ( is small and locally owned.  I am very fortunate to have found this young horsewoman.  Now a wonderful 4 year old (this February), we started him using the Clinton Anderson Method.  He is so well mannered, calm (most of the time, though still a little full of himself from time to time) and so beautiful to my eye.  We started taking him for dressage lessons to Mississippi View Farm in St. Cloud this summer and I felt so proud when the trainer there said “This is the nicest 3 year old we’ve had come from the outside.’  That is, not started as a foal by them. (this is a Raven son out of Paris)

Hi Judy,
I wanted to send you a picture of Jenis, a Raven daughter born March 28th 2010. I bought her from Beth Ulrici and  I can't tell you what a wonderful filly she is.  She is so calm like a horse I have never seen.  She drives and I'm looking forward to riding her in a few more months.  I have been on her back and she could care less.  I was sadden when I heard of Raven's passing.  What wonderful qualities he passed on to his babies.
I was born in Rockford Ill. and the third oldest from eleven children, how funny is that as I read you are too.  My grandson loves to visit and spend time with the horses.     Enjoy the pictures, (picture posted on photogallery)
Nancy Yankus

Olivia turned 2 today I decided to see if all the groundwork we have been doing the last 1 1/2 yrs  paid  off. ..ha
Olivia did great!     She is such a sweet girl. We love her very much!  The sunset was glowing off of her tonight while my husband led us around.  Tomorrow we will try the bit in. Since I've been ground driving her, i hope she gets it with me on her back. My wonderful husband will stand by...just in case!  

I enjoy your blog. I like to read it because I sometimes learn things.   

I love this horse! She has the softest hair I have ever felt. She has the sweetest disposition of any horse I have ever met. Sometimes I have to tear myself away from wanting to hug her all day. I love watching her in the snow, but she loves to come running back to me for scratches! Only God knows grateful I am for her! Fathom! Cortney

Hi Judy! This is Alicia, I had to tell you how much I'm loving Evan's baby! Just had a trailering lesson with him, he is so  smart, friendly, and easy to train! Love love love these Friesians!

Hi Judy,

 Great news-- Belle had her foal this morning. It is a little girl and the vet checked her out and everything is fine. Even though this is Belle's first time, she is proving to be a wonderful mom--careful, attentive, gently protective. Belle is fine with us and her foal (whew), and there are no nursing problems.
 I think we picked the name Freyja (pronounced like Freya). Freyja for Friday (her birth day) and some other things about the name that seemed to fit. She is all black, and beautiful with long legs and cute knobby knees. She is a precious sweetheart and already comes over to us for petting. She's super nice and calm. She loves her mom and walks around and around her rubbing on her. She nursed a lot today, so I'm sure she got her colostrum.
 Thank you so much for sticking with us and helping us be successful. I attached photos. I think we'll have to get more computer storage for all the photos we'll be taking! I will definitely keep you updated as time goes on. We are keeping her for sure, so she'll always be cared for and loved.
 Thanks again!!!
 Kres Monday
    My name is Lynda Henry, and I live in Washington, Mo. I love your website, and your horses are absolutely beautiful. I will be interested in purchasing a Friesian colt from you, sometime in the future. I would prefer a son of Raven, as he looks to be perfection, in my eyes. :)
hank you,

Hello Judy, just wanted to send a quick not and to update you on Dalia and Finn.  I've attached a picture of Finn he is 5 weeks shy of his first Birthday, he is so smart, and calm and just a complete joy to work with and be around, everyone just adores him.  I have taken Dalia to 2 dressage shows, the first we did intro test C and training level test 1- we received marks around 67% and received second in both classes. We would have been 1st in the intro class however, I added an extra element to the test and I got us a minus 2points (that is still a 67 with the minus 2)  I was so happy.  This Past weekend I went to our second show and competed in training level test 2 and 3 we received a 67.4 and a 66.5% respectively, and again 2nd in both classes, As well as reserve champion at training level.  I cannot tell you how much I adore both Dalia and Finn and would like to say thank you for the opportunity to have them in my life, they are both so much more than I could have hoped for.                                                                                                                              Sincerely, Gwendolyn Seymour

Hi Judy!
It's been a while since my last Princess update. We have been wanting
to teach her to drive. The opportunity arose when a friend of ours
from Ky. came in for a visit. He has been driving horses all his life
and helped us fit her with a harness. I actually did not plan on
anything more than line-driving that day. He saw how well behaved
Princess was and the next thing I knew, the cart was pulled out and
she was hitched! OK... Well, it literally only took about 2 minutes
for her to figure out that we wanted her to push INTO the pressure of
the weight of the cart and how and pull it! You could see her
confidence and it was as if she was thinking "Oh is that all you want
me to do? Well, that's easy!" The next thing I knew we were driving
all over the pasture at the walk and at the trot... like she had done
it before! She did so well that my 80 yr old Mother-in-law wanted to
go for a ride too! Unbelievable!
EVERYONE there was all smiles! What a good girl our Princess is!
God Bless you and yours,
Alesia :)

Hi Judy , just wanted to let you know that JoHanna is doing great! We call her "Shimmer" as a barn name and the whole family adores her. I must admit that when she first arrived I thought she might be getting sick (shipping fever or something) because she was just so calm and easy going. It turns out that is just her nature. As long as you present it to her in a calm manner she takes everything in stride and is very easy to work with. She really does try to please. I really could not be happier and I'm looking forward to watching how she develops (I'm sure she gets taller every day).

Thanks again,
p.s. It's really hard to get pictures of her without help because she is so curious about everything she will not stay far enough away!!

Thought you might like to see how Thriller's Sexy Clara's colt is doing. I was sorry to see that his sire Raven had passed in September. He will be 3 this January & is standing around 15.2 and weighing right around 1100lbs. Zephyr's dam was sold to a family out of Oregon after she and I worked on her training for about a year, and they can't get enough of her sweet disposition. Zephyros has been the best investment I ever could have made, thanks again for such a wonderful companion. 
 Kathleen Neimi

Hello Judy,
I thought you'd like to know that we bitted and saddled Clara up this afternoon, and she did wonderful. She was more concerned with going to sleep then anything we were putting on, taking off or resizing. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with her, not to mention my mother in law, who normally dislikes mares quite a bit but is extremely impressed with Clara. We are beginning to wean Zephyr today (he already nicked himself on the round pen) but he should calm down in a day or so. Thanks so much for the wonderful pair of horses.

Hello Judy

 I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that Autumn and I had our first Dressage lesson yesterday. She did awesome of course! Autumn is the most awesome loveable horse I have ever known. We have bonded and I will live in a tent before she goes anywhere. She is so willing to please and with dressage, you show her or tell her and she just does it...She is one awesome horse!!  Gail
Hey Judy,
It's been almost 4 years since I purchased beautiful Liberty. She is doing fabulous on all her training.  I thought you would like to see how beautiful she has turned out.  Not only is she beautiful on the outside but beautiful as well on the inside.  She has been so easy and well mannered to train.  Always willing to learn and try her best.  I cant wait to hit the trails and show her off!  Thank you for my slice of horsey heaven....Melody Miller

Hello Judy!

Sorry it's been so long since I've contacted you.  I have been meaning to send pictures of Java; but, I've been waiting for her to shed out complete before doing that and we've been so busy.   She is so sweet!  I won't put her out with any of our butt-heads.  She has been with our 2 year old as long as they're not in a small area....then I just put her in with our donkey.  They stand there and eat hay cheek to's so cute!

I can haul my 3 mares over to your place to be bred on the 28th of May.  All of the mares are coming into heat at the very end/very beginning of the month. I have to tell you how excited I am about this.  If the babies from these mares have half the personality, logic and kindness that Java does I will be very happy!  I can't believe I have dealt with any other breed before this!


Hi Judy,

I just wanted to touch base with you and say hello.  Apelles is doing beautifully she has been in training since she arrived with a lovely man who was in the Olympics, he is firm but incredibly kind with her.  He has said that out of all the horses he has ever worked with in his 52 years, he has never worked with a horse that was as kind, gentle and responsive as Apelles is, he adores her.
I do hope that your Easter was wonderful.  Praise the Lord that Christ died and rose again.... and by His Grace we are saved.
Hi Judy,
 The picture enclosed is me on piper for the fist time!  She has been at the trainer for a month now and coming along. I was told she is lazy and riding her today I see that she kinda is. I will take this as a good sign for me as I don't have to worry about her getting crazy and dumping me. He did say as I ride her and she understands more that she would work out of most of that but she would always be very laid back. Guess time will tell and also riding with another horse showing her the ropes will help. It was a thrill to be up on her and I look forward to the many years together. Thank you for the opportunity to own one of these special horses. 

 Good morning!  Hope all is well with you and your family.
 We are doing very well.  I wanted to update you on our "babies".  We
 contacted  B&BReinebach to see about having them train Palmer and if
 all goes well with his training, then have them train Bella next
 spring as well.  Both horses are doing wonderfully.  We are so proud
 of them both.  They are always waiting for us at the gate to be loved
 on.  They are so fantastic with the kids.  I think having them around
 Tristan so early on has really prepped them well.  They are gentle,
 patient and exceptionally calm with kids running around them.  Raven
 is a remarkable stallion that has THE BEST babies! Jenni

Hi Judy,

  Last November my cousin Rachel and I had her Morgan mare, Sprite, out to your farm to be bred to Raven.  Well, I'm very happy to let you know that last Wednesday Sprite gave birth to a gorgeous black colt. We are absolutely thrilled!  Rook has many of his sires mental attributes as well as physical ones.  He is smart, curious and friendly yet very easy-going. He also has the curliest black tail!
  Thank you for taking such good care of Sprite when she was out there, and keeping us well informed about her progress.  Thank you also for working with us when we weren't certain we'd be able to continue with her breeding due to situational changes. 


Hi Judy, Sylvia had her foal this morning. He is the sweetest baby ever. She is such a very very good mom. Most babies have had in the past had been so scared of people at first. Not this one. He is like a puppy. He follows me around the stall. I take 2 steps he takes 2 steps. I was actually cuddling with him when he was sleeping. I am so very happy. I am glad he is a boy. Attached are some photos which are kind of dark. I will get some more soon of them outside. Thank you thank you thank you Judy. Oh and tell Raven thank you I think he will be hopefully seeing Sylvia in the spring I will love to do a breed back. Thanks Jodi  

UPDATE: Merlin is 3 years old and Sept 15th 2007 Jodi took him to the Friesian Sport Horse inspections. this is the result:

Judy Judy Judy I am so excited.  We had the Friesian sport horse inspection today. Merlin got grand champion of the day over purebreds, crosses of all kinds. The judge told me he was the nicest horse of the day. He even won over Hendrik the magician. popular stallion out here)  serenity took 3rd of the day. The judge told me Merlin is good to do any discipline (even upper level dressage). Every horse the judge said faults and Merlin had none!!! The professional handler even fell in love. Everyone was asking her sire and I was sure to tell everyone RAVEN!!! How wonderful Raven is. I took a video i am going to send you through the mail and also I am going to send you pics through email. I have some professional photos to buy. Thanks Jodi
Just wanted to tell you that I have been riding Loki.  She is doing really well.  We are walking and trotting, haven't cantered yet.  She is the most cooperative young horse I have ever trained.  I am assuming she gets that from the Friesian (RAVEN) side.  Just thought you would want to know.
Hope everything is good with you.
 Beth Finney


Sorry it has been so long since I have emailed, but I have been sick and very busy! Feeling much better now and had to get a word out to you about Sam. He is wonderful. We have most of his baby coat shed off and he is fabulous! It's hard to say what is most stunning about him. Such a great mind, movement to die for, or his rich dark color! We could not be happier with him, and my husband has chosen him as his life horse. They have such an amazing connection that no other horse has had with him. We look forward to taking him to inspections next year.  Signed Kim Shogren



I am thrilled, thanks again so much.  Any time some one would like a reference or to talk to some one who's already used Raven, I'd be happy to give a glowing review, signed Amanda



Hi Judy,
 Just wanted to send you a quick note.  I know you like updates about how Raven babies are.  Aria is wonderful.  She is learning lots and doing great.  We are even cantering now under saddle.  With the wet weather I have only been able to ride her about 12 times. 4 trail rides... so far nothing spooks her... when she sees something new she looks hard at it a little while and then moves on. She has nice fluid gaits and I can't wait to take her to horse fair in the spring.  She's so sweet.  Just a big puppy dog and everyone comments on how beautiful she is.  She still has some filling out to do as she is only a three yr old... but she's going to be nice.  I had wanted to take her to keuring... but when I emailed the place that had it last year they said this year they weren't having one and I couldn't find another near-by... so that was disappointing as I would like to know how she does compared to her siblings. 
She is still for sale at $5000 under saddle...(on but we're not too worried about selling her.  I'd like to find her a show home as I don't have the time I would like and don't even know where FSH shows are in the area... but if she stays with us we won't be sad... as everyone here loves her.  I even think my dad is curious to ride her... but he'll wait till she's broke.  I would like to find a nice used dressage saddle that might fit her and we might try our hand at that if I still have her in the spring. Stacie



Just thought I'd let you know that I measured Dreamer today (she is growing so fast!) and she is 14.3 1/2.  Not even 15 months old quite yet!!  My vet thinks she'll top out well over 16 hands.  He also commented that she inherited the Friesian bone.  Good boy Raven!!  Dreamer grows even more beautiful with every passing day and she is oh so sweet.  And smart too!! She is so easy to work with - brilliantly intelligent, and very un-spooky. She already knows how to bow - that took about three minutes.  Literally. Had a pocket full of treats and thought, what the heck!  She is so settled and mature, but with spirit and fire.  She is already mentally mature enough to be started under saddle, just have to wait for the body to catch up. That's OK, we have lots of time to play and continue our friendship and partnership.




This is CHANCE with Julie his happy owner. He is 2 years old in the picture.

Julie bought Chance as a weanling and has done all the training on him. She is now riding him. Chance is by Raven out of a breeding stock paint mare.



Our first Raven baby for the year was born on Easter morning, talk about the best Easter basket ever!  Helen had a gorgeous black filly, all legs.  I’ll send some pictures later one but we couldn’t be happier.  Mom and baby are doing great, Helen really surprised me because motherhood has calmed her down.  She’s turned into the best, most laid back Mom…definitely an improvement on her slightly neurotic coming off the track personality.

Thanks so much for another wonderful foal!

Amanda Wrigley

Hi Judy
     I wanted to send you some updated photos of Merlin(1yr 8 months old). He is doing great. I am starting to lunge him a few times a week for like 10 min. per time. The second time I lunged him he remembered the words walk, trot and canter. It was like he was born knowing these things. There is a lady here who has a Oldenburg dressage horse and trained for the 96 or 98?? cant remember Olympics and she thinks Merlin is one of the nicest moving horses she has ever seen. The suspension is amazing. I will have to send you a video when I get one. I love him so much. Persephone's baby (serenity-4 months old) is also doing very very well too. She is so social and very attached to people. When its time to get turned out she calls to me. She practically jumps right into her halter and leads right next to me. Sometimes we even walk ahead of mom.  Thanks so much for helping me create these wonderful horses. I wish I had another horse to breed this year but I don't. I hope I will next year. Thanks Jodi 

Well we got home about 5 pm your time.  Liberty is incredible.  I have never been around a horse/baby so calm about everything.  She hopped right out of the trailer whinnied to the crowd and followed me where ever I lead her to.  AMAZING.  She met ShyAnn, miss nasty, and at first site.  He was like, hey bring her back here, she's cute!  They will be great pasture pals.  He is just as laid back as she is. 

I can not thank you enough for making my dream of owning a Friesian come true. 


I have been enjoying your videos and pictures. I would like to tell you that this website is OUTSTANDING!!!  Never have I seen such a comprehensive and beautiful display.  Good show!

(the above email wasn't signed but too good not to put on!)


Hi Judy
   I know these photos are not very clear but I am way too excited to not send them to you.  Merlin is soooo amazing.  He is so easy to train.  He remembers every thing he learns. No back tracking with his training. He must get that from his daddy.  He has such a soft mouth and listens so well. He is in a really really pretty frame from day one on his back and he doesnt come out of it.  He rolls his eyes back and listens to everything you ask. One of the nicest horses I have ever had. I know i email you every few months saying thanks and sending pics. Thanks to you and raven again. I will send you more photos eventually. Thanks Jodi 
Hello my name is Marissa Platter from Crete, Illinois. I bought one of Raven's sons from a woman who lives in Springfield, IL. She had a thoroughbred Mare. I just wanted to tell you guys that Raven makes WONDERFUL babies!!!! I have just gotten Beau going under saddle and he is so awesome! Looking at Raven's photos i see so much of Beau in him!! If i ever have a mare to breed, i will definitely be contacting you guys!! I've enclosed some pictures of him for you guys maybe to put on your website so people can see what gorgeous babies Raven can produce!! Thank you!
I want to thank you again, I love this horse, we do ground work or play
twice a day, morning and evening. She has made so much progress, she loves
the attention and is so respondent. Each time I come to the fence she is
right there to learn something new. What we start one day by the next she
figures it out and knocks the socks off me. I'm not in a hurry to ride her
yet, I'm having too much fun doing the ground work. People like you are
hard to come by, who really cares about their horse and is very honest. You
are a special person. Thank you, Loretta (from Green Bay, WI)

I was looking over Ravens website and saw the foal photo album, here are some of Salsa's pictures taken when she was about 7 1/2 months old.  I'm in love with her! She's almost 14 hands, and I've never seen her upset about anything (even when we weaned her- we just put the halter and lead rope on her and led her up the driveway to another pasture, no big deal) Raven has definitely passed on his disposition (thankfully)!

I just wanted to let you guys know that Abel is doing great.  He has such a great personality.  He is in a stall next to our stud Quarter horse and they have made great friends (for now).  We turn them out in the fields to play and they are in opposite fields so it is really cute to watch them run along the fence and play with each other.  My 14 year old daughter has great plans for him in the future, she is the one that loves to ride.  My 20 year old daughter thinks that he is the greatest, she is the lover in the family.  My husband plays with him in the stall all the time and I just think that he is beautiful.  I just love to watch him run and play and be a horse.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that he is doing really well and he has been a prefect match for our family.  I hope that you guys have a great Christmas!  Robin

Hi Judy,

This is Melissa and Pat Cummins, These pictures aren't the greatest, (it was cold that day and I was shivering so the pictures are blurry) But I thought I would pass these on to you. Leo gets more handsome by the day. He string tested 17hh+. Vet remarked that Leo had the straightest legs she had ever seen on a foal. At eight months is picking up his feet by voice command and will back up by voice command as boy! I do see him pace but he seems to prefer the fox trot, though when he's feeling frisky he does indeed pick up those knees and prance around like a king. He jumps like a real champ...over just about everything including the fence. (Five foot)  Movement is extremely uphill, back is short, and he's all leg. His temperament is Fabio meets Sponge Bob Square pants...happy all the time but a big show off when he knows your watching. We will let you know how his inspection goes at Buffalo Mills this year. We're very excited!!  Regards,

Melissa and Patrick Cummins of Uniontown PA.  

  Hi,  a while  ago I was going to purchase a mare you had , but I ended up in financial hardship.. You where honest and understanding and did something I never would have thought possible - you returned my money!. In the horse world THAT kind of honesty is a Rarity.  And again,  I Thank you. I have told that story to a few others how you where kind and honest - I  do value that!  Thank you- Jacquie Skadeland

 Hi!  Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Abel.  He's doing great.  He's very intelligent and willing to learn, he's picked up very quickly on everything.  He's doing great in the round pen and his ground manners are already excellent. Jeff Watson

 Hi Judy, I just wanted to tell you that we named Moner's filly Astrid and she is wonderful. Beth Finney

Hi Judy  Merlin went to his 1st dressage show today.  I still couldn't be happier.  He is only 3 1/2 years old and was under perfect behavior. I am sure he was the youngest horse at the show and He is only getting light training 3-4x per week. He ended up getting a 1st place and two second places in the 3 tests he did. He scored 65% at his 1st show. I was very happy. He is such a good boy and loved people watching him and loved seeing all these new horses.  I was just informed Merlin got grand champion of his division. I am so excited. He is only 3 and has won me 2 grand champion ribbons.  What a future ahead of us. Thanks Jodi

 Don Kummer from Canton, IL bred his Saddlebred mare, Charming Robin, to Raven in 2005 the foal named Buddy at 2 years old is fantastic. Don called to tell me Buddy floats across the field. He is the most sensible 2 year old he has ever worked with and he wouldn't be afraid to put his grandchild on him even at his young age. Don made the comment that if people knew what kind of horses Raven was throwing there would be NO other breeds, just Friesian sport horses as they are not just beautiful but athletic and sensible.

Hi Judy, I wanted to write and tell you thank you so much for showing us Raven and your beautiful babies. Raven is even better than his pictures. We were impressed with your horses and your horsemeister business. We want to book Arianna for the third week of July. I didn't tell you when we were there but before contacting you we emailed and called a couple of other Friesian stallion owners and you were by far the most patient with us. Sincerely, J. Staub


3 years ago I bought one of Raven's colts. Thought that you might like to see what he looks like as a 3 yr old. We call him Buzz because he's such an in-your-pocket kind of guy we were always telling him to 'buzz off' and he thought that was his name! He stands 16 hh  and turned 3 in May. Should top out at approx. 16.1 - 16.2 hh.

As you can see he has retained his gentle nature and is probably the only stallion that I would trust around my babies and children. Thanks for selling him to us!

Susan Muszynski
Tippecanoe OHio

 I can not believe Arial is a year old already.  She is so precious.  She loads, stands for the farrier and does anything I ask her to do. Kristy Stalker

 Thu, Sep 4th, 2008 -
HI, I wanted to tell you that Raven is absolutely gorgeous. We bought a filly from Ann in Idaho & Raven is her sire. Storm as we call her, is often mistaken as a full friesian & we give total credit to Raven. Storm has a very sweet, easy going attitude & in spite of us being total novices she has excelled at anything she has been given to do. She is actually my son, Greg's horse. He is 30 & this is his first horse & he feels extremely lucky to have such a smart girl. We did buy another horse to keep her company but Storm is the only horse anyone see's when looking into the pasture. Raven throws himself & Storm is proof of that. Just wanted to let you know. Debbi Gardiner

Adara and Onyx have arrived safely and had a fantastic trip, no problems what-so-ever.  And they looked fabulous when they came off of the trailer!  They had a good trip, it was long but they did very well.
Onyx was nervous unloading, but as soon as his feet hit the ground he was a happy boy!
They are both absolutely gorgeous, I couldn't be more pleased Judy.
The 2 yr old filly, Adara and Onyx are already great friends. They're putting their noses together and snuggling in with each other.  Onyx is very affectionate, he was lovin' on me from the time he arrived... what a sweetheart!  You've done an amazing job with him.
Adara is everything I thought she would be, she's a beautiful girl.
Photos just don't do them justice, they are truly lovely!
Adara is a little reserved right now, but she likes the attention. I'm sure that once the daylight arrives and I've spent the day with them tomorrow she'll be having a great time.  It was a long and exciting trip for them, they were happy to be off of the trailer and on solid ground.  The babies are so resilient, you would have never known that Onyx had just had a 22 hour trip.  You could see that Adara was tired after we spent 2 hours with them out in the barn and I think she'll sleep well tonight... once she finishes filling her tummy.  They both were very much enjoying their hay and took in plenty of water.
Thank you soooooo much!  It was well worth the (what seemed like a long) wait!                                                                 Suzanne Towns (from Canada)
(Update December 14th, 2008) Adara and Onyx are wonderful!  They are both very special.  Onyx is a brave little soul, he takes no guff from any of the other horses.  Adara is less friendly with him now that they're more settled.  I feel a little sorry for him as he keeps trying but she likes him to keep his distance for whatever reason.  She likes to love on me and loves attention.  Onyx lets me brush him a couple of times a day, lift his feet, etc.  He's a good boy... I swear I can see him growing every day.  He has such long legs!  He's beautiful!  They both really are everything I'd hoped and then some!
I find it humorous that you and others feel sure that Adara's going to have a colt, as I have the same feeling!  lol
Just wanted to let you know that all is well... and I LOVE Adara and Onyx!  Thank you soooo much!  Suzanne Towns

I wish I could express in words the happiness I feel with this little Filly...Here she was yesterday ( Aug 1st, 2009 ) on her first day out of the pasture being ponied by big brother Bubba. She did not spook one time as cars, tractors, motorcycles and dogs wizzed by her came at her.  At one point she became bored and wanted to play...she likes to keep her mind active for sure.  NOTHING phases her, NOTHING! Her mane is so think it hangs on both sides of her neck same as Bubba.  Everyone thinks he is her momma. well until they check the plumbing.  Thank you so much for putting out there quality Raven babies...everyday I wake up I can not wait to start working with her.  She is AMAZING.  And beautiful.  Melody Miller and Liberty

Hope all is well with you.  My husband and I came to your farm last year and looked at one of your mares.  At that time you also were gracious enough to let us meet Raven.  Since then we have purchased an Andalusian mare that we would like to breed to Raven this breeding season.  I took her to our vet today and had an ultrasound done on her.  She looked fine and is actually coming in now.  My vet had it figured that she should be in heat again about 4/13.  I was wondering if you had a spot available for that time frame. 
Many Blessings,
Beth Ulrici

Judy, Abel is the most laid back colt i ever raised, we have worked him a lot ,Morgan climbed on him in the picture last night first time any one has been on him he did not care. You can put this on your website, I have owned horses for 30 years he is the calmest smartest colt I ever started.  thanks Jeff 

Hi Judy,
  Hope you made it home safe. We did just fine on this end. What a sweet horse. When we stopped at a gas station on the way home, she didn't talk or get impatient, and when we got home I left her in the trailer for about 15 min. so I could put the other horses in a pen, and she was very patient again. 
  I introduced them over the fence for awhile and slowly put one at a time out with her and she was so dominating right off the bat.  I knew she was going to do just fine.(They didn't know what to do with that).
  I can see the difference in the way she carries her self too. That's so cool.  It's allot different then mine.  Thank you again for bringing her up this far and I just wanted you to know, how pleased I am with Lady.  I'll keep in touch and when the baby arrives I won't forget the pictures. TTYL,   Sandy         

We are thrilled with Palmer!  He is a beautiful colt with a sweet temperament.  Will & Jenni Moser 

     Hi Judy,
Just thought I would let you know Caspian made it home just fine and is settling in nicely. He is drinking and eating well, and he already has one new friend, a rocky mountain gelding that is very sweet and very laid back. We are slowly introducing him into the herd and by the end of the week he will be running with all of them from that point on. Jan has about 75 acres on her property so he will have plenty of pasture but will always have access to get in out of the weather, she has several stalls/run in sheds in the corrals.
He had a bath today and he really liked it, I think he thought I was giving him a massage. =) Man he is such a pretty thing!!
Ok, thats all, sorry for talking your ear off, I'm just really excited that he is seeming to be so comfortable at our place. For some it seems like it takes them a bit to get settled in, but with him, he is cool with everything.=)
Take care,

Hi Judy , well JoHanna celebrated her first birthday and what a beauty she is ! I have honestly never met such an easy to work with filly. She is as kind as she is beautiful and curious to boot - she really has to be involved in whatever we are doing. We took her on a camping trip to our place in Ocala (about 4 1/2 hours away) and she traveled like a pro. No issues whatsoever even when we had to repair a blown out trailer tire! When my daughter was washing the golf cart, JoHanna had to be right in the middle of it! Thank you once again for the most amazing filly in the world (I'm sure everyone thinks that but I really have her:) I'll try to keep you more updated with pics,  Dawn

I have been meaning to email but have been crazy busy.  I have attached some pictures I thought you might be interested in.  Loki is great.  I have been riding her and she is doing wonderful.  We are beginning her dressage training and are working on her moving off my leg.  She is also jumping crossrails.  She is very willing and I think she shows great potential.  Astrid is looking good and is a fluid mover.  She is gentle and easy to handle.  Sunny's baby this year is very cute.  We have named her Anya.  She is feisty.  She pushes her mom away from the grain and one day she laid in the feed pan and ate between her legs so that Sunny couldn't reach any grain.  All three are intelligent and level headed.  I can not imagine going back to horse that isn't.  Loki loads, stands in the trailer, stays tied however long I leave her.  She takes new things in stride.  I plan to event her next summer so I will let you know how that goes when we get started.  I've attached some pictures.  I made a website:  check it out if you get a chance.
Hope things are going well for you.  Take care, Beth

I simply must tell you that your video has left me speechless and in tears. Although it has been a year, I still have hope that I will find a horse that I can buy with meek means! Laura

Judy, Just unloaded her... she is stunningly beautiful and so sweet.... I will be working with her later today with a natural horsemanship trainer who is really wonderful... he spent five minutes with her and fell in love ... said she was wonderful and going to be real easy to train and be a really nice horse...
thank you and Ruth so much for such a lovely addition to my home.... belle

I haven’t updated you for a while, but we are so VERY glad that we kept one of our Raven babies. I think I sent pictures of Cassi last year (tell me if not and I will), she’s one of the 4 Raven/TB cross babies we bred. When Emily (Keegan’s owner) was out last summer, she said she couldn’t tell the difference between Cassi and her full Friesian filly of the same age. She’s stunning to look at and so much fun to train and ride. For us though, the biggest thing is her personality. I swear, if she could climb up in my lap she would do it- it’s like having a very, very large dog! Cassi’s 16 hands now, and I think may add another inch before she’s done. Anyway she had a colt by our Welsh stallion and he is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. He’s 7 months old now and we are planning to keep him as a future stallion as long as he continues to develop nicely. He’ll be registered with the FSHR and the WPCSA (1/2 welsh). Welsh ponies have a lot of feathering, and he got his dad’s flashy coloring (a blaze and 4 socks). The most amazing part though, is he looks like a fresian colt! Other than the coloring, which he inherited from Foxy- everything else comes straight down from Raven. He’s huge and should end up well over 16 hands, and he just moves beautifully. I’m attaching some pictures and when we get around to a video I will send that too. We are as thrilled with our Raven grandbaby as we have been with our Raven Daughter! Amanda Wrigley


I know it has been some time since I have wrote you. I wanted to let you know that Arial is doing wonderful and riding her is like a dream. I rode her tonight and she is so smart. I have done all the work with her and we have such great bond. We were over at the blacksmith's getting Arial's shoes reset and she was the talk of the day. She was admired for her grace, beauty, and her breed. I must say I was such a proud mommy. She responds to my every move and looks around for me if I walk away to get some thing. I look forward to breeding her in the near future. I have not started looking, but hope to find a great match for Arial's future offspring. I also wanted to say thank you for selling me Arial - she has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.
God Bless You!
 Kristy Stalker

This has been a pretty productive summer with our "baby". Izzy is now 3 1/2 years old, she is broke to ride and is doing so well under saddle. I wasn't sure I had it in me to train her myself, since I don't bounce near as well as I used to, but with all the ground work we have done since the day she was born, she has been very easy to work with. I'm pretty proud of her. We have been trail riding and riding out by the highway, doing a lot of basic work in the pasture and dry lot. It takes her a while to check out new things, but once she gets them, she's got them. She still has some growing to do I think, she has grown an awful lot this summer. I'm glad we didn't start her any earlier.  I don't have a stick but I'm sure she is well over 15 hands. Julia has just started working with her in the last couple of weeks but she certainly looks better in the pictures than I would.


 A lady buying a 4 year old Raven daughter (Amber owned by Glory Redmond) called to get some information. She told me that when she first told her trainer she was going to look at a Friesian TB cross in Indiana, the trainer was not at all thrilled. She told him the 4 year old is by the Friesian stallion Raven down in Peoria, IL. He (her trainer) said, "I know that stallion, BUY her!"
What a wonderful reputation Raven's offspring are getting!

The mare below is a Raven daughter owned by a lady from Michigan out of an Oldenburg mare and she is for sale. I remember well when her dam was brought all the way from Michigan to breed to Raven. We offered cooled fresh shipped semen but the owner at that time really wanted to bring her down. It is nice to see how wonderful the foal turned out. Every trainer that works with any of Raven's offspring say almost the same thing, Just read her ad that follows: Belladona is a nice 6 year old mare has been brought along slowly. Well started under saddle and with trainer now~ Trainer says this mare is one of the smartest horses he has ever worked with! Sweet temperament, intelligent and quick to learn. She has been on many trail rides and she is ready to take on in the discipline of your choice. With a solid build and her exquisite "swan" neck, she is truly an impressive mare. Solid walk, trot and canter. Dressage/combined driving/English pleasure/Trails~


Hi Judy,
Meike was shipped to Ottawa and was kept there overnight, she arrived at midnight on Sunday on my place. She was calm and brave. She did adapt to me right away, she was not spooky, she wants to be
petted like a dog. actually she behaves like a giant dog. I could not believe her size. she is only 4 month old and her legs are as long as the legs of my other horses. I have small horses about 14.5 hands and Meike is over 13 hands, nearly their size.Thank you for the holder and leadrope you bought for her. The holder I bought (for a 4 month old filly) is much to small and I have to bring it back. Meike was so calm that I thought she made have been drugged . I thought- wait another day- she may come out of it and be a wild little horse, but fortunately she is the same, today, she is still the calm big filly who liked to be petted and is putting her head gentle on my shoulder. She is very trusting and I have to thank YOU for that, she had only good experiences with people. I was the whole day around to observe: she is eating , drinking, pooping peeing -well, I guess she is healthy. To make it short, Meike is more as I was hoping for. A wonderful breed with an old pedigree that seems to run through her blood and makes her brave. I was so happy with Meike that all the other thingsdidn't seem important. Meike is greeting my with a loud nicker when ever I approach , that gives me a very nice feeling. It was pleasure to deal with you Judy, if I can sell my Motel in 2010 I will contact you for another horse.....
Good Day

Hi Judy,
I just wanted to write to you and let you know how wonderful Caspian is doing!!  
He is the sweetest horse I have ever been around. When I go out to the pasture, he usually nickers to me and always comes walking/running up. I can pick up his feet and take cockoburs (sp?) out of his hair without even a halter on him, he just stays there eating grass and doesn't mind at all. He gets along with all of the other horses and most of the time is the one who leads them out to the pasture and back in. It's halarious because he is the youngest one out there but is the bravest by far.
 He now stands right at 15H and is really filling out nicely. His feathers are REALLY coming on and his mane is growing so fast. He is such a beautiful horse and he just gets better looking every day it seems.
 He is sooooo smart and always retains what he learned last. He is extremely easy to teach anything to, he always tries hard and likes to be messed with. I keep the lessons very short each time since he is so young. He knows how to do all of the Parelli Seven Games including sidepassing and backing up with a shake of the rope. He is very light, just a light touch and he will move off of your hand. I pony him when we go on short rides, usually just around the farm, and he loves it.  He has also taken to ground driving extremely well, he is a natural. I think he will really like driving a cart when he gets older, he really seems to like getting out and going places. I just got him gelded last month and he did wonderfully with the procedure and healed extremely well. It really didn't seem to affect him nearly as much as any other horse we have had gelded, I was so glad. I took him a few weeks ago on a camping trip with a group of people. I had so many people complement me on him, on his looks and his behavior. One person even had me give her your website address so she could look at your available horses, she was just so impressed with him. He was absolutely PERFECT the entire time we were there, he was fine with being left behind in the barn by himself (he was in a stall just munching on his hay, like no big deal) and he was great when I took him with us on a short trail ride. I ponyed him off of another horse I was riding and we ended up leading the whole group! He was really happy to go with us, he crossed creeks and went up a hill and even drank water on the trail!! I was so excited I was just grinning from ear to ear the whole time! =)
 Well, I could just go on and on about him all day, but I won't, you get the picture, he is a wonderful horse and he is doing really well. I don't think I will ever have another breed of horse again besides a Friesian or a Friesian cross, Caspian has just exceeded all of my expectations! Thank you so much for selling him to me, he is the best!
Andrea Jessup (used to be Lee

Salsa is a gem, and is so much fun to play with.  Luckily she inherited Raven's calm disposition, I was doing a little beautification on her a couple of weeks ago and all she wanted to do was keep her head on my shoulder. She's been sooo easy to start, I waited until she was 3. Never bucked, spooked, or even thrown an fit. And she's hit another growth spurt and is a little over 16.2 hands now. If I was going to breed Tango again I'd definitely come back to you (due to the economy I'm taking a break from making babies ;)  I'll sent you pictures if you want once she sheds her winter coat and doesn't look like a big hairy moose…  Megan Gallaway (used to be Stout)

I thought I would let you know how wonderful Liberty is.  She has started some training, mostly ground work.  She knows hand commands and voice commands for whoa, back and go out.  She takes everything with a very low key acceptance.  She learns very very fast and is never ever mean or stubborn.  I would encourage others to snatch up the other fillies you have from Sally/Raven breeding because they will not be disappointed.  She is going to be an easy 16 hands. I can not wait to begin riding her next year.  As a two year old she is the most willing, level-headed horse I have ever worked with.  Thanks again, Melody

Liberty went on her first day of trails...she acted like she had done it for years...not one refusal, not one spooky moment not one hesitation.  She was amazing. And as you can see she is almost as big as Bubba who is over 16 hands. I swear I have been with seasoned trail horses that acted more like Liberty should have! She will be such a safe and amazing trail horse!

Hi Judy, no new pics this time as I have lost the cord that attaches my camera to my computer! Have to find a new one quick! lol! But I did want to let you know that I have been riding Sally and having a wonderful time. She is doing better and better every time I ride her and I am really happy with her! Now, about Glory. We LOVE this baby girl! :0) The first week she was very shy with us but about the 7th day we got ahold of her and played with her for a couple of hours. Kids loved all over her, grownups enjoyed petting her. She did great throughout it all and now, she will meet you at the fence! I am guessing this is that wonderful Raven disposition coming out in her. Along with Sally's because she is a real sweetheart, too! We groom her all over, have been picking up her feet and leading her around. She loves it all. We are going to be weaning her in the next couple of weeks and I think she is ready. Thanks again for these beautiful girls! We can't wait to see what we get next year with the new foal. The kids think we should be able to do a test to see what the baby is going to be! LOL! I told them it would just have to be a surprise!  Jenny

Hi. Judy.  Hope you don't mind my updates.  Just I'm so excited about Rohan.  I just love him. He is so quiet natured so far and so willing.  My husband has introduced him to tiny horse treats. And has nicknamed him tadpole.  I hope that doesn't stick. Anyway Rohan meets us at the gate now for his treat which he takes right out of your hand. He will provably bite me later but he sure got the hang of that quick. Vicki

Hi Judy,
 Just wanted to to give you an update on Raven's son Rook (who turned four last week).  He has just finished ninety days of professional training and is already proving to be a willing, laid-back and trustworthy partner.  People at our barn comment often on his beauty and his curious, sweet personality.  He is very intelligent and learns new things easily. I hope to do lower level dressage, trails and combined driving with him in the future.  I look forward to many years with him :)  Thank you!
 Kara Amero
Hi Judy, Chloe arrived today...much later than expected.  They dropped her off at about 8:30 tonight.  She is absolutely gorgeous, her face is so beautiful and she is so friendly.  I was really amazed that she was as well behaved as she was after going on such a long trip. 
A funny story just so you know how good she is...we didn't realize that she wouldn't have a lead rope when they dropped her off so my cousin ran and grabbed the first lead from the tack room that she could find.  I attached it to the halter and started to lead Chloe to the barn and the lead broke (for no good reason).  Chloe was free, she ran around for a minute and stopped to graze, so I approached her slowly and she let me (a total stranger) catch her, with no problem.
She is very sweet and curious (really likes to check out the cats) and I just love her.  Thanks so much for letting me have the opportunity to own such a beautiful horse.
I will keep you updated on how she is doing. I took a couple pictures and thought I would send them to you, Chloe is just so beautiful. Lori


 Hi Judy,
I spoke to you this spring looking at your perch/morgan mare and filly by Raven...since that time I keep coming back to your website and am wondering if you would put me on a list for next year for a purebred colt?  I am smitten with Raven and his offspring :-)
Thank you again,
Erica Lawhorn

 Hi Judy, I spoke to you on the phone last year around the time I was about to purchase "Amber", Jewel's full sister.  Update:  I broke Amber (now registered as Serendipity aka "Sarah" ) in the spring and she is coming along very nicely.  A very loving, kind, eager to please temperament. Not a drop of mare sourness in her ! She looks exactly like Jewel.  I am very happy with her and believe she will make a fine dressage horse, probably up to about 2nd level, but we'll see. She has never even threatened to buck, bite or kick even during breaking and the first backing.   The reason I am writing is because I saw Jewel on your site and have been keeping up with her, and I noticed that you have stated not for sale, however, you have her written up in the latest description like she is for sale.  Is she on the market or not?  If so, how much?  If not, could you please let me know if she ever is available?  I have no reason to want or need another horse right now, but if Jewel is anything like Sarah, I would not want her to get away.  I can tell Raven passes on wonderful genes, but Grace must have been the most gentile spirited mare.. I can tell from my horse.  I will send you some pictures soon.  Thank You, Paula


 Hello!  Hope all is well with you. 
We are looking into insurance on the horses, but they want to know an estimated value on them.  Do you have any ideas?  They are priceless to us, but I know that isn't the answer they are wanting!  They are doing very well.  Salena is a sweetheart!
 Palmer is coming along very nicely.  I started putting a saddle blanket on his back this summer, rubbing it on him, tossing it over his back, pulling it back and forth, etc.  He never even flinched.  We put our 2.5 year old Tristan on his back for a couple of minutes.  Palmer was good as gold!  In fact, he seemed very content to have Tristan sitting there.  I attached a couple pictures of him for you (one with Tristan sitting on him and one showing his conformation a little).  He really is amazing!!  So calm and loving.  He is definitely going to be a wonderful horse just like his sire Raven! 
 Isabella's Song is making huge strides.  We weaned her about 3 months ago.  "Bella" adores her big brother Palmer.  Her coloring is more of the black bay like Salena's.  She has a beautiful conformation.  We are anxious to see how she develops in the next year.  I don't have any recent pictures of Bella, but will send you some soon!
 We really can't thank you enough for our "babies".  We love all three of them. 
Thank you for everything!

To say we are thrilled with our babies is an understatement.  Palmer is my pride and joy.  I can't wait until after the baby is born to start working on riding!  I will try to get some pictures of Bella soon.  She isn't looking as pretty now with her winter coat coming in full force. 
I would love to have Palmer inspected at the very least. I will have to talk to Will about it and see what he says. I am sure Raven's babies do very well. If you ever need references, feel free to send them our way!   
Thank yoU!!!
Jenni Moser
Hi Judy-
           It has been a while since I sent some pictures of Hope. She is doing great!!! The best horse ever, she is so easy going about everything. I can't imagine my days with out her, she keeps me busy. We had to put her best friend Tyee down about 4 weeks ago. He was 32 and just plain tired, she looked for him for awhile but now has the rest of the herd to keep her busy. I hope all is well with you and your family and you have a great Christmas. I will continue to thankyou for ever for such a great horse!!!! That Raven is quite the dad. Take care and I will keep you posted. You will see in the pictures how relaxed she is, no care in the world. If she sees me with the camera she wants to take the picture, so I get the pictures i can.
                      Thanks again,
                       Erin Rittschof

 Judith: (written of Independence, Ylse's 2010 filly)
 I just wanted to commend you on your handling of this young horse. I have Percherons which I drive in a 6-horse hitch and

I also "attempt" to ride dressage. I have worked very hard to get my horses quiet and reliable. It is all about time spent and so many people never get this figured out. I think you have a great program and I am very impressed with what

I see of this amazing filly and just wanted to take the time to share my thoughts with you. If I didn't have 25 stalls and 25 horses, I would purchase this little one in a heartbeat.  Keep up the good work and good luck with this and your future prospects.
 Maureen O'Hara-Ganz


 Hi !! My name is Pam and we own two of Ravens babies. They are three years old and we bought them as yearlings from Steve Tibbs from Ill.He owned two Gypsy mares that were mother and daughter that he bred to Raven. The babies names are Cadla and Dana. Cadla has grown to 16.3 hands and Dana is 15.2 hands.


We are from Punxsutawney Pennsylvania. We own a large in door facility of which we are all about education. We have lots of great Riding Clinics, Driving Clinics and Obstacle Challenges here. We also Produce a Equine Musical Freestyle Show "EQUIMANIA SHOW" Anyway both of the gypsies have performed with our show for two yrs now. They do advanced Line Driving and Ground Work and they Drive single and double and I am training them in Classical Dressage . They are doing awesome Under Saddle. They both are doing the Spanish Walk and I am working on the Piaffe and Passage with Cadla and I hope to start the bow this summer. We have one program that they do, we call "Gypsies in Sync" Everything they do is all in sync together. We do riding, groundwork and linedriving in that one program. Everybody really enjoys it. When we bought the two Gypsies we had planned to train them for a yr and resale them. But we have enjoyed them so much and they have been such a nice addition to our show we really never pursued selling them. But I have made a decision......I am keeping Cadla for another exhibition horse and we will be selling Dana. But of course we are in no hurry. We want to make sure she goes to a great home. If you know of anyone who may be looking for a mare out of Raven please let me know. We are asking $18000 for her. These mares have been two of the nicest horses I have worked with. Disposition + Confirmation all great. Well I guess I better quit. I have taken up enough of your time. I will keep you informed of their progress. Have a nice Christmas and New Years! Pam

In case you are wondering what happened to Raven’s Grand Champion, he continues to win blue ribbons.
I purchased Merlin from Jodi Dieter almost two years ago when Merlin was just 4.
My trainer is responsible for changing his name to Maestro, because she was so impressed with his movement.
He showed last summer at Lamplight and won 4 blue ribbons.
He impresses everyone; in fact earlier in the season he showed in a schooling show and the comment was his normal trot was like an extended trot, and he was just doing what came natural to him.

 Hi Judy,
Princess went for a trail ride today too!
I started trail riding her for short rides now that she is  2 years
and 7 months old. We took her to the vet to get xrays of her knees,
just to be safe, and the vet said her knees are verified, officially
"closed". This veterinarian is a very well respected equine specialist
in our upper midwest region and we were thrilled when he checked her
out, stood back and gave a nod of approval and said "THAT'S a NICE
...  (We know!)  :)
She is doing very well for her age... in such cold, brisk weather too!
She will ride out on the trail with other horses... or all alone! (and
does not call out to others even if they are calling to her!) She is
very cautious of narrow, icy water crossings and negotiates them with
careful steps. She will lead, follow, or ride side by side. She will
follow a trail, or blaze a new one if I ask her to. She neck reins
very nicely now too! Gee, I feel like I'm bragging... but it's true!
Can't stop smiling here!
 Hope you're smiling now too!

Hello Judy
I just wanted to tell you that Autumn is doing great! She is so loveable and easy to get along with, and a pleasure to be around!!
I had to laugh at her this morning, as I watched her as she tried to open the stall door! She cracks me up!
One of my passions is photography,,,and this morning I was taking pics of Autumn as she was eating hay and I thought this one was kinda neat, thought I would send it to you...


I will keep you posted on her dressage training and send you pics once in awhile!!
Talk to you later

 The picture below was sent to us yesterday. It is a Raven daughter born last year out of an Andalusian mare owned by Beth U. The filly was sold to a lady in Florida and this is what she wrote to Beth:
I measured Jenis today and she is 14.2. The pictures of her do not do her justice, she is much prettier in person.
I brought Jenis to a neighborhood birthday party yesterday and she got so much attention. They thought she was beautiful and I told them there is another one on the way just like her. Some of these people are horse owners. She was so well behaved and drew a large group of people. She never lets me down no matter where I take her, I’m so proud to have her.

We cannot express to you enough how WONDERFUL this young mare is! She is the COMPLETE PACKAGE! You will be hard pressed to find a kinder eye, sweeter disposition or willing learner anywhere! Apelles is very well started...she is solid w/t/c with leads and some lateral movements, is soft and responsive to aids, just being easily started o/f and is very willing. Excellent ground manners, is not marish and likes attention! Truly a barn favorite to have around! Apelles will excel at hunter/jumper, dressage, pony club or driving for CDE! She is as sound as they come and has good solid dark hooves with great bone structure. Stands at 14 hh and 1/2" tall so just shy of 14.1hh and cards as a large pony.

 Hi Judy, I just wanted to send you a quick update on Chloe.  She is magnificent!  I could not imagine life without her.  She has a very sweet personality and is so easy to work with.  This spring she was taken to a petting zoo nearby, they also board and train horses.  She was introduced to all sorts of animals... pigs, goats, mini horses, lamas and all sorts of birds, even emus.  The experience was really good for her.  While she was there she was trained to drive for six weeks and she was amazing.  At two years she was measured at 15 2hh and about 1100 lbs with a very beautiful thick long mane and tail.  Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to own such a fantastic girl, talk to you soon, Lori.

If there was EVER a time I wish I would have had my camera ready to go... Will has been diligently working on fixing up our barn. Let's just say it is in need of a LOT of TLC. Anyway, it was warm out, so I decided to take Jayden (being only 5 months old at the time...) out for a walk out to see what progress Will and Tristan (always the helper!!) had made. Of course Bella immediately comes into the barn to say hello. Tristan and Bella seem to have a good connection. He pet her, but then Palmer nudged her out of the way so he could be loved on too. As I was petting him, Jayden reaches out and wraps her arms around Palmer's muzzle and lays her head down him. Palmer being the sweetest boy ever, stood perfectly still until she let go. He just seems to know.
Judy, I promise, it was the most heart warming thing I have seen. He is sooo good with kids (and us of course...), but I just wanted to share that with you.
We love our Raven babies!
Jenni Moser

Good afternoon Judy, I thought I’d update you with some recent photos of Kenzie and Kiera. At 10 months old, they are both getting big and doing very well! You can see how huge Lily’s Kiera is getting!  I included the last photo of the two of them eating so you can see how much bigger she is than Kenzie even though Kenzie is actually a day older!  Sorry they weren’t groomed for the pictures—too cold out! I was so glad to see on your blog that Lily is expecting this Spring.  I hadn’t seen anything on your “For Sale” page about her upcoming baby and thought maybe she didn’t get pregnant last year.  She really throws good looking babies!  I am so happy with her and Raven’s baby from last year! I’ll be looking for you at the Illinois Horse Fair in March.  Take care, Jill