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Zalena's colt by Valiant

Big long legged all black purebred Friesian colt born May 25th 2018 for sale $8000.00 SOLD

Rosaleigh's filly by Evan

Beautiful purebred Friesian filly born May 20th, 2018 will be tall, have mega hair, and amazing movement for sale $8000.00 SOLD

Madeira's filly by Valiant

Tall bay Warlander filly born May 16th, 2018 will have amazing movement and mega hair, for sale $5000.00

Jewel's filly by Evan

Big all black beautiful filly born May 1st, 2018 75% Friesian 25% Thoroughbred will be tall, have amazing movement and mega hair, for sale $5000.00 SOLD

Missy's filly by Evan

Blue Roan, one white sock born April 25th, 2018 will have mega hair, very sweet for sale $3500.00 SOLD

Foxy's filly by Valiant

Pretty bay filly, no white born April 24th, 2018 will be tall, and have amazing movement. Half Friesian half Saddlebred for sale $3500.00

Star's colt by Valiant

All black colt born April 22nd, 2018 half Friesian half Walker will have mega hair, may be gaited for sale $3500.00 SOLD

Ayanna's colt by Evan

All Black colt born April 13th, 2018. He is 7/8ths Friesian 1/8th warmblood, will be BIG and have BIG movement and BIG hair. For sale $5500.00 SOLD

Soul's colt by Evan

Big dark bay colt born April 10th, 2018 will have the mega hair of both sire and dam. Half Andalusian half Friesian Another amazing Horsemeister colt for sale $5000.00

Marika's colt by Evan

Big strong colt purebred Friesian colt born April 6th, 2018 for sale $8000.00 SOLD

Lily's colt by Valiant

Big tall beautiful colt, 75% Friesian born April 2nd, 2018 for sale $5000.00 SOLD

Galena's colt by Valiant

Thick hairy colt tall and very stocky, silver which should end up coal black born April 1st, 2018 Half Friesian half Gypsy Drum for sale $5500.00 SOLD

Rosalie's filly by Evan

Beautiful all black spunky filly born March25th, 2018 7/8ths Friesian 1/8th Warmblood for sale $5500.00 SOLD

Hadassah's filly by Evan

Beautiful all black spunky filly born March 19th, 2018 75% Friesian for sale $5000.00 SOLD

Anna's colt by Valiant

Big strong colt born March 11th, 2018 purebred Friesian for sale $8000.00 SOLD

Lola's filly by Valiant

Big and black with a flashy STAR, this beautiful filly born Easter Sunday April 16th, 2017 half Friesian filly is for sale $5000.00 SOLD