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Bridlewood Stable


    Bridlewood was built in 1978 by 2 of my brothers (Spark & John) and one brother-in-law (Mike).  They had a great plan of building the barn, starting with 10 stalls and a tack room on one side and building more stalls as needed.  Once it was finished they put an ad in the paper of stalls for rent. A 10x12 stall rented for $85.00 a month and included feed. After 4 horses came and the guys were taking care of them for about a month they decided this was awful!  Why those horses needed to be fed and turned out and the stalls cleaned and they really didn't want to be tied down.  They sold the barn to my brother John who promptly rented the entire barn out. John soon bought his land in Farmington and he also wanted out so my dad bought the barn. When my folks were ready to build their new home in Hanna City, of all my 10 brothers and sisters, I was the only one wanting to buy the old homestead so we ended up with Bridlewood. We moved here in 1991 with our 5 children. I was sure I could make Bridlewood run so I also put ads in the paper "stalls for rent"  Only 1 person was interested in renting a stall. I sat down at the lunch table and started to pray. "Lord, I am willing to run the barn or give it up, just let me know what you want me to do!"  Around 1:30pm there came a knock on the door. A couple of ladies stood there with an English accent asking: "pardon me, would you have a barn for rent?"  Of course I said YES. 

    Cathie Trent from Zambia, Africa  now living in Dunlap, IL has been here ever since.  We have a wonderful group of people and their horses now living here. Cathie is the best ponyclub instructor in the entire midwest area and we are so blessed that she teaches out of Bridlewood.  Bridlewood has now graduated 2 HA ponyclubbers, and we currently have 2 B rated ponyclubbers, numerous C3,C2,C1 and of course lots and lots of Ds. My how we have grown!  Please feel free to come out and see the place in person.  WE LOVE COMPANY!

    As Bridlewood stable is now a ponyclub barn we are standing our Friesian stallion RAVEN at our Hanna City Facility.




Video below is a typical morning at Bridlewood.







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