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Jenis JJ

Jenis JJ was born June 8th 2003. Pictured above on Jan 22nd, 2017 She has the shiny blue black color, is 16.1 hands and has amazing movement. She is an amazing performance mare with a stallion like presence. Every one of her 5 foals by Raven were the best of the bunch each year. Jenis is truly one of the greats in the horse world. She is beginner safe but a fun ride for the experienced, loves to perform, loves people, swims like a fish, oozes PRESENCE, Judges love her and great on trails. Jenis does not enjoy being a mom, she will let the foal nurse but will not share her grain and has been known to kick her foal when they try to eat her food. She if fine with other foals and horses. She has raised 5 beautiful foals for us.

Pictures below taken during a jousting demo Oct 18th, 2019

Pictures below taken June 27th, 2018

Pictures below March 3rd-5th, 2017 at the IL Horse Fair

Video below taken Jan 27th, 2017 Emily is riding Jenis with no bridle or saddle. She asks her to walk, trot, halt, back up, sidepass, rear and bow.


Pictures below Aug 20th, 2016 Weaver Farm CIRT Benefit

Pictures below taken May 13th, 2016

Pictures below taken during the Jousting Demonstration

Pictures below taken during the parade of breeds before the polo match at Weaver Farms Aug 15th, 2015

Pictures below taken during the 2015 IL Horse Fair


Pictures below taken March 1st, 2015 after a snow storm. Jenis was asked to pull a sled.

Pictures below are of Emily and Jenis at the PRC show Sept 19th, 2014. They came home with more blues.

Pictures below taken Sept 6th, 2014 Jenis was hired to walk a bride to the wedding ceremony

Pictures of Jenis and Mitchell Cooksey taken Aug 16th, 2014 during the Polo Match at Weaver Farms

Pictures below taken March 22nd, 2014. We had company from Kansas and Oklahoma and all enjoyed Jenis.

Pictures below taken Aug 17th, 2013

Pictures below taken at a cowboy mounted shooting clinic April 13th, 2013. Jenis was fantastic, fast and accurate.   

We are proud to announce Jenis delivered a tall, beautiful all black filly by Raven on July 19th, 2012 filly only for sale $8000.00 SOLD. Pictures below she is just over an hour old.

click HERE for updated pictures

Pictures below taken at the 2013 IL Horse Fair

Pictures below taken Sept 16, 2012 during picture sessions for Emily, Kimber and Jenna

Pictures below taken during the 2012 IL Horse Fair.

 Jenis delivered an all black BIG STRONG COLT by Raven July 26th, 2011, He is FANTASTIC, tall, short backed, non fading black and even has feather at this young age.  Colt only for sale $8000.00 SOLD

Who said Friesians can't jump? Jenis is out to prove them wrong.

   Pictures below taken on Sept 19th, 2011, her colt by Raven is almost 8 weeks old in them. He has developed into a very muscular strong stud colt with gorgeous conformation. He will be a non fading blue black color as neither parent fades. This is a VERY SPECIAL colt and if we didn't already have 3 purebred Friesian stallions we would keep him.

Pictures below were taken with Emily Ricketts for her senior pictures August 5th, 2010.


Pictures below are in memory of Jenis' 2010 filly July 7th-July 14th.  In Just one short week of life she was vibrant and beautiful exhibiting everything a Friesian filly should. The actual cause of death was heat exhaustion. Her story can be read on our blog by clicking the link below.

Pictures below taken during the IL Horse Fair March 6th, 2010 Hasn't she developed into the most beautiful Friesian mare EVER?

Jenis JJ



Jenis delivered a beautiful all black filly June 11th by our Friesian stallion RAVEN. We named her Abby!  Abby is non-fading black, tall, beautiful and is VERY friendly. She is pictured below at 2 months of age. She loves people! Abby is for sale for $8000.00 SOLD! 

Jenis was bred back to our Friesian stallion Raven and delivered a Big All Black Colt July 7th, 2009. This colt is going to make a fantastic Friesian stallion, he will be TALL, non fading BLACK, HAIRY and WOW can he MOVE!

Pictures below taken during the Northern IL Horse Fest August 29th, & 30th, 2009

Below is the  Sunday performance at the IL Horse Fair March 6th, 2011 Starring Jenis, Ylse, Wynne, Valiant, Evan and Ciera.


Below is Jenis' colt Valiant. He is 20 days old in the video. Notice his fantastic conformation, his arched neck, and already even at 20 days old his movement shows upper level potential.


The Sunday Performance at the Northern IL Horse Fest August 30th, 2009


Video below of Jenis made Nov 2nd, 2008




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