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Sangria Leon's 2013 Filly By VALIANT

This filly was born at 7:00am on Sept 4th, 2013. She will be very tall and elegant.  She has a beautiful feminine face with a small muzzle. This filly is going to be GORGEOUS! Her sister appraised at $25000.00 at only 2 years of age. This filly will be every bit as nice if not more beautiful. Pictured above at just a year old. For sale $5000.00 SOLD!

Video below of Promise learning to bow taken Sept 9th, 2014


Pictured below Sept 8th, 2014 in her summer coat. Promise wants to please and is already learning tricks. She is very tall as a yearling and moves more like an Andalusian than a Friesian.

Pictured below on May 14th, 2014

Pictured below on March 22nd, 2014. She is very tall, sweet with very thick long mane and tail AND she has an abundance of FEATHER!

Pictured below on Sept 21st, 2013 at Middle Grove

She is pictured below on Sept 12th, 2013

She is pictured at 24 hours old below.


Sangria Leon's 2011 Filly By RAVEN

This filly was born at 7:30pm on May 3rd, 2011. She was born with the Friesian FEATHER!   SOLD she is QUALITY beside being beautiful. This filly will end up a beautiful dapple gray with black mane, tail and black points. She will be so elegant with her fancy color. This is the first gray Sangria has ever thrown.

She sticks at 13.2 hands at 4 months of age. Pictures below taken Sept 16th, 2011, her movement is amazing.


Below she has just returned for Middle Grove.

She is pictured below at 12 hours old


pictures below taken right after birth, notice the feather.

The video below is a bit graphic, we had to help Sangria a bit, Thankfully Fedi was here to help deliver her.