Horsemeister Inc.

Stallion Service Agreement

This Agreement, made and entered into this _____________day  of______________________(Month and Year) by and between

(Buyer)___________________________________of (Farm or address)___________________________ hereinafter referred to as "Mare Owner," and The Horsemeister Inc, hereinafter referred to as "Stallion Owner." Judith L. Sceggel, president for Horsemeister Inc agrees to reserve for mare owner one seasonís booking in 2020AD to one of Horsemeister's Friesian Stallions named Evan or Valiant,

for the mare (named) ____________________________________________ Registration NO. ___________________________ foaled_______________

Fill out and mail to: Horsemeister, Inc. % Honegger Law Office P.O. Box 49 Hanna City, IL 61536 donít forget to include booking fee.

This service is engaged subject to the following:

Stallion fee is $1200.00. Board for the mare is $10.00 a day or $12.00 a day for mare with foal-at-heel.

Booking fee in the amount of $150.00 of the above stallion fee is payable with this contract and will be applied against the above stallion fee.

Mare owner will supply copies of mareís current inoculation record and a negative Coggins test drawn within 12 months prior to the date of this contract.

The mare shall be in a healthy and sound breeding condition, and the mare owner agrees to said mare being checked. Tested or treated by a Licensed Veterinarian to assure same for anything that would insure her well-being, at mare ownerís expense.

Mare shall be halter broken.

Stallion owner will not be liable for accident, sickness, or death of said mare and/or her foal-at-heel, but will exercise his best judgment in the care of said mare and/or her foal-at-heel. It is also agreed that the mare owner will not be liable for any disease or injury to said stallion.

It is further agreed that should the above stallion die or become unfit to breed, then this contract shall become null and void and booking fee will be returned.

Stallion owner Guarantees a live foal from this mating. "Live foal" is defined as a foal that stands and nurses without assistance. Should foal not stand and nurse, mare owner agrees to notify stallion owner within one week of foaling date and furnish statement from Licensed Veterinarian, and mare owner will be entitled to return privilege with this mare or another mare of his or her choosing.

When stallion owner is convinced that the mare is in foal, the mare owner will be notified that his mare is ready to be picked up, at which time all unpaid bills, including board, veterinarian bills, breeding fees and other expenses, are due and payable.

Stallion Service Certificate will be issued by Stallion Owner only after mare owner has notified stallion owner that said mare has produced a live foal and all bills on mare have been paid.

Signed and agreed to on this _________day of _________Month and year.


Signed: ___________________Mare Owner___________Phone number


Signed: ________________________________________Stallion Owner