Horsemeister Inc.

Purchasing a horse on the payment plan 

This contract is by and between Horsemeister Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Seller) and


__________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as Buyer).


This contract is binding and all parts of this contract are in agreement to both parties hereto.


For the purchase of horse named:____________________________ price of $_______________.


The total amount of this contract will be paid by Buyer to Seller in installments of                   per month for________ months. A down payment in the amount of $1000.00 will be paid by Buyer and applied to the balance to reserve the purchase of this horse. Down payment is considered the 1st month payment and upon receipt will confirm the sale of the foal. It is agreed that Buyer will pay __________subsequent payments of __________________ on the first day of each month until paid in full. Payments received after the Tenth of the month will incur a $25.00 late fee. A maximum of three (3) late payments are accepted. If Buyer is late the fourth time, the contract will be terminated and half of the money will be retained by Seller as Liquidated damages and the other half will be refunded to Buyer.


SELLER agrees to the following:


To be responsible for the farrier care, oral de-worming and any necessary vaccinations applicable for the first three months of horse or weaning at 5 months if this is a foal born on the Horsemeister farm.


After three months or weaning Buyer is given the option of having us have the work done and being charged for it or waiting until horse is in Buyers care for routine farrier, worming and vaccinations.


To pay board for the first three months on the horse or weaning if it is a foal.


 BUYER agrees to the following:


To make payments for chosen horse as per the terms of this agreement.


To pick up the horse from the Horsemeister Farm when last payment has been paid.


Buyer agrees to pay $200.00 a month board for the horse after the first three months or after weaning if it is a foal born on the Horsemeister farm, until the horse is paid for and picked up.



To accept the terms of this contract without alteration or modification in any way and personally guarantee to be bound under the terms of this contract.


It is agreed by both parties that this contract will be considered fulfilled when the horse is transported off Sellers property to Buyer when Buyer has paid for Horse in full.


Both parties agree to the terms of this contract as detailed and agree to be legally bound by these terms without alteration or modification in any way until the end of contract.  If a dispute arises, the parties agree that venue shall be in the county where Seller is doing business.





Sellers Signature____________________      Buyers Signature ___________________________




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