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Anna v/d Mokkenburg

Anna is FHANA registered 2e Premie imported from the Netherlands. She was born March 17th, 2000 out of Tessa Van De Mokkenburg by Krist 358. She is a nice big baroque mare standing almost 16 hands. Anna rides nice and is beginner safe. Anna was bred to Valiant and delivered a huge all black colt at 11:30 pm on March 11th, 2018. Colt only is for sale $8000.00 SOLD

Pictured below April 19th, 2018


Pictured below at a month old April 12th, 2018

Pictured below March 27th, 2018 17 days old.

Pictured below at 1 week old March 18th, 2018

Pictured below at 3 days old

Pictures below he is just a few hours old and dried off.

Pictures below taken right after birth March 11th, 2018

Pictures below of Anna taken during the 2018 IL Horse Fair March 2-4

Pictured below Aug 24th, 2017 almost 5 months of age.

Pictured below Aug 14th, 2017 41/2 Months old


Pictured below May 16th, 2017  7 weeks old


Pictured April 13th, 2017 16 days old

Pictures below taken April 7th, 2017 10 days old

Pictures below taken March 30th just 2 DAYS OLD

Pictures below March 3rd-5th, 2017 at the IL Horse Fair


Pictures below taken Jan 19th, 2017 are of Rhoda riding Anna bareback without a bridle or reins.

Video below taken Jan 19th, 2017 starts with Rhoda riding Ayanna then switches to Rhoda riding Ayanna bareback with no bridle. This was Anna's first time to be ridden with no bridle and she did amazing.


Pictured below Aug 20th, 2016 Weaver Farm CIRT Benefit

Pictured below March 4th,-6th, 2016 at the IL Horse Fair

Pictures below taken during a trail ride Feb 15th, 2016

Pictures below taken during the 2015 IL Horse Fair March 8th. He was the only foal there and loved the attention from the thousands of people that came up to pet him.

Pictures below are of Anna and her rider Tyler at the 2015 IL Horse Fair

Pictured below Feb 4th, 2015

Pictured below Feb 2nd, 2015 first time in the snow

He is pictured below at 10 days old Jan 30th, 2015

He is pictured below at just 24 hours old Jan 21st, 2015 This is one fuzzy fat colt!

Pictured at just a couple hours old on the day of his birth Jan 20th, 2015.

Pictured Jan 14th, 2015 still heavy in foal

Pictures below taken of Anna Dec 15th, 2014, she is very heavy in foal

Pictures below taken at Jubilee State Forest April 18th, 2014


Pictures below taken March 22nd, 2014 We had company from Kansas and Oklahoma and everyone enjoyed Anna.


Pictures below taken at the 2014 IL Horse Fair

Pictures below taken Feb 7th, 2014 10 inches of snow and 13degrees

Pictures below are of Anna's ride Oct 21st, 2013

Pictures below are of Anna's first trip to Jubilee State Forest.

Pictures below taken Sept 23rd, 2013 Emily is working with Anna

Pictures below taken Sept 19th, 2013.