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Horsemeister Inc offers horses and foals for sale and 2 FANTASTIC Friesian stallions for stud with live cover, AI, or shipped fresh cooled semen.  

LIVE FOAL Guarantee! We have a wonderful staff on hand.

For information on fees for breeding click on breeding information

Standing at stud at the Horsemeister farm is Raven's son Valiant & Evan the son of Mintse.


Visit our Horsemeister FACEBOOK page for more pictures and videos.

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Our Horsemeister trainers:

click HERE for Rhoda Bork

click HERE for Karin Meister

click HERE for Emily Ricketts
Please visit our photo gallery for pictures of

the Horsemeister stallion's past foals.


  2017 Horsemeister foals


Sangria's Filly born Sept 25th, 2017SOLD

Oksana's Filly born Sept 12th, 2017

Roxanne's Colt born July 25th, 2017SOLD

Indy's Filly born July 23rd, 2017

Rosaleigh's Colt born June 13th, 2017SOLD

Ella's Colt born May 20th, 2017SOLD

Eliza's Colt born May 18th, 2017SOLD

Sheena's Filly born May 5th, 2017Not For Sale

Lily's Colt born April 23rd, 2017 SOLD

Soul's Filly born April 21st, 2017SOLD

Zalena's Colt born April 20th, 2017 SOLD

Star's Filly born April 19th, 2017 SOLD

Lola's Filly born April 16th, 2017

Hadassah's Filly born April 1st, 2017SOLD

Anna's Filly born March 28th, 2017SOLD


            to contact us call Judy at 309 208 3840 or email








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